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A search-and-rescue mission for landslide victims in a remote village in northeastern Afghanistan has been called off. Officials fear there's no hope for reaching the nearly 2,000 people who were buried Friday by mud and rock.

In Washington, the active search for victims of another mudslide was called off last week after more than a month of searching. Two bodies still haven't been found.

And as the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 goes into a third month, families and friends of passengers are yearning for a sense of closure.

Rescue workers often yearn for it as well. But as much as everyone wants closure, sometimes officials have to make the gut-wrenching call that it's time to give up.

Shaun Roundy is a member of the Utah County Sheriff Search and Rescue Team. He has been on search missions that were stopped before everyone was found.

"When that happens, then every time you're in that vicinity, you just wonder, where is that person and when will we find them?" Roundy says.

His team is called out to comb snowy mountains for hikers after avalanches, to find lost or injured people in Utah's caves, rivers and lakes. Sometimes — because of weather, manpower or resources — they just can't keep looking.



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