The Handbook for Survival Sense in the Outdoors

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      A practical guide to survival skills development, planning and preparedness. 2009 release. Edited by Robert C. "Skip" Stoffel, Brett C. Stoffel, & Shannon M. Stoffel with contributions by ERI's team of professional survival instructors.

      Take the fear out of an emergency by preparing in advance. Carry The Handbook for Survival Sense in the Outdoors as an essential item in every survival kit. When faced with an unexpected emergency, the handbooks highly relevant content and compact size will prove invaluable if you ever find yourself responsible for your personal survival or the survival of others. Many people die needlessly after a short time because they lack the knowledge, equipment, and skills needed to help ensure their personal safety. This handbook provides you with your own personal survival specialist. It helps sort out what to do in case of an emergency in the outdoors. It also presents you a list of the proper equipment needed in all the different scenarios and the skills to survive them. 7 1/2 x 4 1/4 x 1/2 in.










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