Analysis of Lost Person Behavior-Aid to Search Planning

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Analysis of Lost Person Behavior
An Aid to Search Planning: By William G. Syrotuck
This is the original 1976 study done by Bill Syrotuck on Lost Person Behavior. This information is just as useful today as it was when the publication was first published. The book starts out with general aspects of lost person behavior and then examines 229 lost person incidents and suggests how the data can be used to help predict where lost people in similar categories might be found. This is a “must have” reference publication for search managers and planners involved in operational search at the responder level.
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Product Details:
ISBN: 13 978-0-97004904-7
Publisher: Barkleigh Productions INC
Publication date: 1976 -2000
Edition description: First
Pages: 63
Product dimensions: 5.5” (w) x 9” (h); softcover, perfect bound.



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