Emergency Survival Kit Soft Pack

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A survival kit for recreational and professional users.


ERI traces its Survival and SAR (Search & Rescue) roots to 1965, working with military, government, and civilian aviators. After careful study, research, experiments, teaching and countless hours in every environment on earth, we put together a survival kit designed to sustain the lives of an aviator and his or her passengers when faced with an unexpected off-field landing. This kit covers the essentials of shelter, fire, signaling, water disinfection & storage, and tools. ERI’s emergency soft kit comes with the same quality items found in our Pelican cased version; but, in a lighter, softer, and more flexible container. Each piece of equipment sits in its own pouch and the pack provides additional for any additional items you may wish to add to your kit. For use while working or recreating in the outdoors. This complete Survival Kit offers a foundation for all types of uses: wilderness, home, business, vehicles, sailing and exploring our world's unique environments. All in a soft, flexible case, weighing only a few pounds. 


1              ERI’s small orange Cordura bag with individual storage pockets for survival equipment.
1              The Handbook for Aviation Survival Sense
1              8'X10" Blue waterproof silicon impregnated ultralight tarp
2              Large blue emergency shelter bags
1              50' parachute cord
1              Metal match
2              Waterproof orange match containers wrapped with 6' of duct tape
1              Glass signal mirror
1              Three chamber rescue whistle
1              PALight LED survival strobe/flashlight
1              Pre-Mac Trekker (Survival Water Purifier)
1              Platypus 1/2 liter water bag
1              Aloksak zip lock bag for your personally selected first aid items
1              Mora survival knife
1              Buck folding saw
1              Leatherman Kick Multi Tool
1              Silva compass

Specs: 5.2 pounds. Outside Dimensions: 10” x 10” x 5". 



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