Alaskan Aviator's Survival Kit - Hard Case

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Everything you need in one place to meet both the Alaskan and Canadian survival equipment requirements for two people. ERI traces its Survival and SAR (Search & Rescue) roots to 1965, working with military, government, and civilian aviators. After careful study, research, experiments, teaching and countless hours in every environment on earth, we put together a survival kit designed to sustain the lives of an aviator and his or her passengers when faced with an unexpected off-field landing. This kit covers the essentials of shelter, fire, signaling, water disinfection & storage, and tools.


1              Pelican 1400 orange case is watertight, airtight, dustproof, crushproof, temperature rating: minimum -10° F (-23° C) maximum +210° F
1              The Handbook for Aviation Survival Sense
1              8'X10" Blue waterproof silicon impregnated ultralight tarp
2              Large blue emergency shelter bags
1              50' parachute cord
1              Metal match
2              Waterproof orange match containers wrapped with 6' of duct tape
1              Glass signal mirror
1              Three chamber rescue whistle
1              PALight LED survival strobe/flashlight
1              Pre-Mac Trekker (Survival Water Purifier)
1              Platypus 1/2 liter water bag
1              Aloksak zip lock bag for your personally selected first aid items
1              Mora survival knife
1              Buck folding saw
1              Leatherman Kick Multi Tool
1              Silva compass
1              Hatchet
4              3600 calorie Datrex Bars (Food rations)
1              Waterproof Otterbox containing fishing kit items (hooks, flies, lures, sinkers and fishing line)
2              Mosquito headnets
1              Aloksak Bag containing first aid items (antihistamines, pain relievers, anti-diarrhea tablets, bandages, self-adhesive wrap, tweezers, antibacterial soap, safety pins, antibacterial ointment, gauze pads)
Specs: Weight: 16 pounds. Pelican 1400 case DIMENSIONS: INSIDE: 12" x 9-1/16" x 5-3/16" (30.5 cm x 23 cm x 13.1 cm) OUTSIDE: 13-3/8" x 11-5/8" x 6" (34 cm x 29.5 cm x 15.2 cm) LID DEPTH 1-3/16" (3 cm) CASE DEPTH 4" (10.2 cm) BUOYANCY: Floats in salt water with 20 lbs (9.1 kg) load 
NOTE: From Oct 15 to April 1 in Alaska, a pilot needs to add a pair of snowshoes, one sleeping bag and one wool blanket or equivalent for each occupant over four. 



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