Aviation Survival Vest

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Configure our ultimate aviator's survival vest to meet your unique needs.
Select just the vest, or add ERI's hand picked survival equipment to the vest's pockets, then add the Aircrew Life Preserver System (ALPS) Flotation Collar for fights over water. Purchase any combination of the vest, survival equipment or flotation collar for a custom order.


The vest offers a guaranteed way to keep survival gear close at hand during an emergency; by keeping it connected to your body at all times.  Designed around the ERI Light Aircraft Survival Kit, this Vest combines unparalleled customization with durability and comfort.  The Vest Supports the Molle Pocket system for carrying a variety of items in an almost infinite number of custom pockets and add-on features available from other vendors.  ERI’s vest comes in two sizes: Small/Medium, which fits smaller framed individuals and expands out to an approximate 42 inch male chest size; and, the Large/Extra Large which fits size 44 inch chests and larger.


1              Cordura Vest
1              The Handbook for Aviation Survival Sense
1              8'X10" Blue waterproof silicon impregnated ultralight tarp
2              Large blue emergency shelter bags
1              50' parachute cord
1              Metal match
2              Waterproof orange match containers wrapped with 6' of duct tape
1              Glass signal mirror
1              Three chamber rescue whistle
1              PALight LED survival strobe/flashlight
1              Pre-Mac Trekker (Survival Water Purifier)
1              Platypus 1/2 liter water bag
1              Aloksak zip lock bag for your personally selected first aid items
1              Mora survival knife
1              Buck folding saw
1              Leatherman Kick Multi Tool
1              Silva compass
Vest shown with survival equipment pack and ALP's Flotation Collar
Specs: Weight: 13 pounds. Outside Dimensions: 11” x 10” x 7.5"
NOTE: From Oct 15 to April 1 in Alaska, a pilot needs to add a pair of snowshoes, one sleeping bag and one wool blanket or equivalent for each occupant over four. 



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