98.6° Pocket Survival KIT

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This inexpensive, compact, easily carried emergency survival kit provides shelter, fire, signaling, essential tools, water disinfection & storage.


The 98.6° KIT covers five critical equipment categories for a survivor in an emergency. The first three: Shelter; Fire; and Signaling represent the most important elements of any survival kit. The next two: Essential Tools and Water Disinfection & Storage, supplement and facilitate the use of the other items in the KIT.
In the Shelter category, the KIT contains a 78 gallon, extra resilient strong 2 mil plastic bag; 35 feet of 200 lb. test line; and 8 feet of duct tape. The bag serves as a full body, windproof and waterproof, immediate action shelter. In addition, a survivor may split the bag open to create a 74 inch by 76 inch plastic tarp to aid in sheltering others. Survivors may use the line to affix the bag or tarp to the surrounding environment and the duct tape serves to repair holes in the bag or to join multiple bags for larger shelter options. 

The KIT’s Fire category, contains a “metal match” style fire starter along with 3 cotton balls impregnated with petroleum jelly for tinder. Each cotton ball will burn for at least 10 minutes and comes with a foil base to contain melting petroleum and extend burn time. In addition, the white plastic card used to hold the line and duct tape may be used as an additional flammable and long burning fuel source in difficult conditions. 

In the Signaling category, the 98.6 KIT provides a military style signal mirror, a bright LED light source, and a high pitched rescue whistle. In addition, the KIT’s shelter bag provides material for a host of passive signaling options through its extremely bright and highly visible blue color. The fire making capability presents yet another signaling option. 

The 98.6 KIT outer storage bag provides a compact water storage container for use with the KIT’s two chlorine dioxide disinfection tablets. Each tablet will disinfect 1 liter of fresh water. 

In the Tools category, the 98.6 KIT contains the SOL pocket knife which is easily used as a scraper for the metal match. The final Tool in the KIT is a 22 page instruction booklet printed on waterproof paper written to help direct a survivor’s actions and provide options on how to use each component of the KIT to solve common survival problems. 


1              Immediate Action Shelter
35 ft        200 lb. test, nylon cording
8 ft           High strength duct tape
1              Metal match, ferrocerium striker with paduc handle
3              Cotton balls impregnated with petroleum jelly
3              Heavy duty aluminum foil squares
1              Rescue flash signal mirror
1              High pitched rescue whistle (contained within the SOL knife)
1              LED Flash light (contained within the SOL knife)
2              Chlorine dioxide water disinfection tablets
1              Aloksak resealable plastic container
1              SOL locking blade knife
1              Lanyard
1              Instruction booklet with detailed instructions and illustrations
Specs: Weight: just under 10 ounces. Outside Dimensions: 5.5” x 5” x 1"


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