Emergency shelter: ERI’s 98.6 Immediate Action Shelter Bag

Shipping Weight: 7 oz.


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Excellent protection against the cool, wet and windy weather that causes excessive body heat loss, and hypothermia. This bag provides emergency shelter when forced to wait out a storm or spend an unexpected night away from civilization. Make at least one, preferably two, 98.6 Bag emergency shelters, part of your "pocket" gear whenever venturing away from the beaten path. Also works extremely well for storage and signaling.


Heavy duty (2 mil) plastic, highly visible royal blue bag offers incredible protection during inclement weather. Included in the package is a razor blade cutting tool and instructions.
Specs: packaged size: 5.25” x 3.75” x 1” weight 6.5 oz.; bag Width 38 in. Length 74 in. 78 gallons.



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