Ferrocerium Fire Starter

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A reliable fire starter is an outdoor must. The striker is made of an Austrian alloy called Auermetal and ours comes with a wooden (Paduc) handle. Striking the tethered oil tempered steel blade against the metal rod throws a hot shower of sparks hot enough to ignite many different types of tinder, "down" from several plants, pitch, shaved wood from the handle, cotton balls, etc. In fact, ERI recommends saturating cotton balls with petroleum jelly (i.e. Vaseline) as a reliable fire starting tinder. One extra-large cotton ball treated this way will burn up to 10 minutes and if you prepare your materials properly, one striker will start over 1000 fires.
Austrian Auermetal Rod, 1/4" inch in diameter and 2/1/2 inches in length. Wooden (Paduc) handle, synthetic lanyard, and an oil tempered steel "striker."
Specs: 1/4" inch in diameter and 2/1/2 inches in length.



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