Rescue Flash Signal Mirror (2"X3")

Shipping Weight: 2 oz.


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USAF Military Survival Style Signal Mirror. A well designed, 2" X 3" glass signal mirror performs as an extremely effective "medium range" signaling device, capable of reflecting the sun's brightest rays from 25 to 50+ miles.
The Rescue Flash is one of the finest plastic mirrors made, giving the user signaling distance and a precise aiming system to insure hitting the distinct aircraft or ship. It is made of touch Lexan plastic with a highly polished reflective surface. 


Reliably visible signals up to 30 miles, light weight Lexan construction allows for a
unbreakable polycarbonate mirror, use for signaling rescue planes, helicopters, and search teams.
This advanced mirror system allows you to aim the signal flash with pinpoint accuracy and the
Retro-reflective aimer makes it easy to signal distant targets with just one hand.
Specs: 3''H x 2''W.  Lightweight 0.6 oz.



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