Pre-Mac Travel Well "Trekker"

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The Pre-Mac Trekker provides both filtration and disinfection, removing and killing pathogens. It removes bacteria, viruses and cysts. PreMac Water filters are not for use with salt water. After personally testing the PreMac Trekker our staff found the these filters exceptional in manufacture and performance. We watched it beat other filters “hands down” in head to head comparisons.


During operation, the source water is initially filtered, cleaning the water as well as taking care of chemical contamination. This is followed by disinfection using an iodine-resin complex which acts as a contact micro biocide but also releases a low level of iodine into the water for secondary disinfection. Secondary disinfection occurs during the recommended holding period. The PWP Trekker is convenient to use and will not block due to its high filtration capability and built-in pump.
The effectiveness of Pre-Mac has been proven in tests carried out by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In these tests total elimination of the bacteria Escherichia coli at 108.4 per liter was recorded while reductions of Poliovirus in excess of 99.9%, with a holding time of 2 minutes. This effectiveness is maintained throughout the stated treatment capacity of 200 liters.
Specs: Weight: 180 grams. Size: 4.5 cm. diameter X 14 cm. long. Capacity: 200-250 liters (per cartridge set). Flow Rate: 400 ml/min. 


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