The Handbook for Aviation Survival Sense

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The Handbook for Aviation Survival Sense
A practical guide to survival skills development, planning and preparedness. 2009 release. Edited by Robert C. "Skip" Stoffel & Brett C. Stoffel, with contributions by ERI's team of professional survival instructors.
Carry The Handbook for Aviation Survival Sense as an essential item on every flight. When faced with an unexpected off airport landing, it's highly relevant content, compact size and waterproof paper will prove invaluable if you ever find yourself responsible for your personal survival or the survival of others. Statistically, the majority of people live through aviation crashes and ditching.  However, many die needlessly after a short time because the pilot and passengers didn't know how to help ensure everyone's survival. This handbook is like having your own survival specialist with you to sort out what to do and how to do it.


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Product Details:
Publisher: Emergency Response International
Publication date: 2009
Edition description: First
Pages: 159

Product dimensions: 4.25” (w) x 7” (h); Spiral bound, waterproof paper, with illustrations.



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