Silva 1-2-3 Compass

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Stay put! Travel is not recommended in most survival situations. Staying with the aircraft or where the situation first occurs is the standard for more immediate rescue. However, a reliable compass provides a tool to help you explore your environment to uncover resources such as water, natural shelters and signaling areas. Our Silva compass is an extremely reliable instrument to help you accomplish these basic goals. Before heading out, it is important for adventurers to learn how to use a compass so it becomes a useful tool.


The Silva Starter 1-2-3 is an ideal choice when introducing map & compass skills or the world of orienteering. The Silva Starter's base plate is sized to fit in small spaces for easy storage.  The clear baseplate makes map reading and course plotting easy. 2° dial graduations with Inch and millimeter scales for measuring distances and a lanyard hole for easy carry.
Specs: Overall Length2" x 3". Weight 0.9 oz.


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