Instructor Suite-Managing Land Search Operations (MLSO)

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The Instructor Suite for Teaching the Course "Managing Land Search Operations"
Written & Edited by Robert C. Stoffel
Released in Oct. 2007, This Instructor Suite helps SAR professionals teach ERI's Managing Land search Operations (MLSO) Course. This incredible resource includes complete map problems, plans of instruction and over 1,700 PowerPoint Slides - full color, animated, easy to read and enhanced with photos and illustrations. The slides include detailed instructor notes keyed to the course textbook, Textbook for Managing Land Search Operations.
Instructor Suite highlights:
  • Four basic enhanced map exercises with additional objectives, new pictures and alternative teaching options - PowerPoint slides included.
  • Instructor's Map Problem Manual with handouts, clues, instructor notes, map keys and locations from the actual incidents.
  • Example mission video - “8 Days in July” plus more video clips embedded in PowerPoint.
  • Four Additional Supplemental Map Problems & Exercise Manual
  • Course agenda with suggested times, and detailed plan of instruction.
  • Worksheets, and new probability of success tracking Forms.
  • ICS Forms, course test and answer key.
  • Licenses from 4 to 8 users.
  • Fonts for PowerPoint plus course administration & organizational aids.
Pricing: $650.00 for a license good for 1 to 4 computers. Plus Shipping & Handling • Washington State residents will be charged sales tax.
Use product "01.02 Instructor Suite" for a license from 5 to 8 computers costing $900.


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