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Emergency Response International's online store

Here you will find original ERI publications, SAR Management and Survival books plus field tested equipment for sale. Check it out at


ERI instructor Peter Kummerfeldt founded OutdoorSafe in 1995 and currently teaches all aspects of survival and outdoor safety. He offers presentations, seminars and survival equipment. The OutdoorSafe site contains information, research, survival and outdoor gear as well as recommendations for outdoor oriented products. Check out Peter's site at

dbS Productions

Bob Koester’s website contains links and information to all Bob’s available research and publications, including the ISRID database and his outstanding SAR management resource “Lost Person Behavior”. Check it out at

SAR News is published several times a year. A dbS Productions on-line newsletter featuring the latest SAR news, research, events, products, articles and links. Archives of past newsletters also available. ERI is proud to be SARNews offical sponsor. Check out

IHS Training

IHS Training provides comprehensive travel safety and security seminars for foreign and domestic travelers. Contact the founder and lead instructor Brian Webb. Web access:

Corporate Air Parts, Inc

For over 25 years, Corporate Air Parts, Inc. has provided aircraft parts and services for the business aircraft community. From their inception with experience flying and supporting the famous Jetstar aircraft to their current quality approvals by Bombardier and Gulfstream, their first and utmost focus has always been an unwavering commitment to safety, quality and customer service. By focusing strictly on the business jet community, CAP expanded their services well beyond the sales of products to include FAA Repair Station services, tools calibration, and life support training. Their FAR 135.331 training has been well received and stands as CAP's most popular training program.


The link to the search and rescue community. This is one of the most comprehensive and best linked sites on SAR in the world. It contains news, SAR links, research, conferences, products and much more. Check out

Dr. Paul Green has published a new website called Outdoor Experts. The purpose is to network experts with individuals who need training or safety consulting on outdoor adventure skills. The website features experts offering training or consulting in backpacking, whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing, survival skills, wilderness survival, aviation survival, adventure travel, risk management, outdoor leadership, swift-water rescue, search and rescue management and more.

Paul is well qualified to provide these connections. He has taught all of these subjects for over 35 years and is often called upon to be an expert witness in complex court cases. Contact

Equipped to Survive

One of the web's most comprehensive sites for aviation survival, equipment, research, case studies, ditching and survival related product evaluation. Entertaining and thorough. Checkout


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