Survival, SAR and Emergency Preparedness Training Programs Overview

ERI offers training programs in several ways:

  • Government Contract - ERI currently provides services for several agencies within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a “Prime Contractor.” We offer help in writing agency grants and grant proposals, we will answer federal and state RFPs and will answer direct requests for services.
  • Sponsored Courses - An organization (business, government agency, military unit, professional association, educational institution, non-profit, etc.) sponsors and pays for the cost of the program and offers the course to members, employees etc.
  • Hosted Courses - A "hosting" organization works with ERI to build a training program that is paid for by participant registrations in total or in combination with local sponsorship.
  • ERI Public Offerings - ERI offers Survival (Arctic, Cold Weather, Mountain, Tropical, Desert, Sea), SAR and Emergency Preparedness courses at various locations around the world and will open those courses to the general public.
If you would like to explore "sponsoring" or "hosting" a program, please contact ERI.
We will work closely with you to develop an effective recruitment campaign to help fill your course.
Download a sample promotional brochure here.

If you are interested in ERI's schedule of events, including current public offerings, please check out our schedule here.

Global Survival Training

Our academic and hands-on training in survival sets the standard for teaching outdoor leaders, high risk occupations, and adventurers. Currently, and over the past three decades, our courses provide critical skills to aviators, aircrews, passengers, agency and corporate employees, SAR volunteers, outdoor enthusiasts and individuals interested in gaining self-reliance. Our staff specialists possess skills for, and train in, all environments of the globe. The ERI team will develop training to meet the interests and needs of any audience for any environment from a 1 hr. seminar to a multi-week immersion course.

Search & Rescue (SAR) Training

Our classroom and hands-on training in search and rescue sets the standard for SAR Coordinators, team leaders and searchers across the U.S. and in over a dozen countries around the world. We provide regular courses to law enforcement agencies, volunteer search and rescue groups, land management agencies, university level students, government employees and volunteers on basic SAR field skills and a host of management oriented SAR courses.

Aviation Survival Training

ERI has vast experience in training for the aviation community. We consult regularly on aviation safety and survival equipment needs and have developed training programs for general, commercial, corporate, military and aviation associations. ERI courses address ditching, emergency landing and underwater egress, helicopter operations, aviation physiology, traumatic and environmental injuries and survival techniques for anywhere on the globe.

International Travel Security & Hostage Survival Training

According to the US Office of Travel & Tourism Industries, over 2 million US residents travel overseas every month. Overall, international travel is safe and the majority of people return with excellent memories of the people they meet along the way. However, many countries and regions of the world present dangers for travelers and warrant extra concern. Understanding several basic security measures will help insure traveler safety and well-being. In addition, there is always a remote chance a foreigner might be taken hostage for a wide variety of reasons. Emergency Response International in conjunction with IHS Training has a wealth of background and experience in both international travel and hostage survival training. Our Staff members have trained federal government employees and private citizens in the basics of safe international travel and hostage survival for many years.


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